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KODO Design: The Most Anticipated Feature of the MX5 ND

19th November 2015

Looking back at the poll we carried out before the release of the MX-5 ND, you voted for the KODO design as the most awaited attribute of the new MX-5. Now we're wondering what your thoughts are now it's taken to the market?

Mazda MX-5 ND

So the very(very) long awaited MX-5 ND is everything that we have been hoping for!

The reviewers are raving over the new model as it's a fun and reliable car which is what the little roadster is very well known for. The improvements to fuel consumption with the new SKYACTIV technology that has been applied and countless improvements they've added makes it a very awaited convertible. Will it live up to its reviews now that it is on the market? We hope so!

The MX-5 has been a popular car for over 25 years now and it has a special place in many owners hearts as they so lovingly portrayed in the ‘Driving Matters’ commercial. The design is one thing that has set the roadster apart since 1989 with the NA model, which is what Mazda have tapped into with their ad campaign giving the new version a sense of nostalgia. Any MX-5 enthusiast's first roadster has a special place in their heart making everyone want the new model even more! Here's their hugely popular ad:

KODO Design - Soul of Motion

Maybe this is why you voted for the KODO design as the most awaited aspect of the new model?

KODO in the Mazda world means “soul of motion” which is the what the Mazda design team have endeavoured to portray through their recent designs from the Mazda 6 to the CX-5 and of course the MX-5 Mk4. The MX-5 has the KODO design lines which are sleek and powerful yet have tension in all the right places. The design team took there inspiration from animals in the wild, the cars fluidity and movement is even more evident when the car is stationary. The beauty of this car is very animalistic from the gaping mouthed grille to the Aston Martin-esque front bumper vents making the car look raring to go.

They have aimed to design something that is natural and effortless yet has movement in the design. They seem to have taken careful consideration with the design to display movement and soul whether it is parked or moving. It is definitely inspired by animals in the wild and their movements which are naturally aero dynamic, for this we can thank mother nature but for the MX-5 we can thank Mazda!

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