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MX-5 2015 in Review

2nd January 2016

A look back on 2015 in the MX-5 World The MX-5 turned 26 after meeting a milestone in 2014 of being a quarter of a century old! This paved the way for the MK4 released this year.

There have been an abundance of stellar reviews and who wouldn't expect it!

Mazda have exceeded expectations and created a great sense of nostalgia and this was displayed with great taste in their advert “Driving Matter” This adverts shows a young man getting his first car a Mazda MX-5 NA. This man then falls in love, life happens as it does to most of us when the blessings of children come along and a convertible is just no longer suitable! The garage doors roll up and there it is, the MX-5 Mk4 in all its glory and the fun of driving that beloved MX-5 is real again! There is always time in life to have fun and the MX-5 is all that and more.

The Mk4 has had great reviews !

CAR Magazine gave it 4/ 5

Auto Express gave it 5 /5

Evo gave it 4/5

Motor Trader gave it 4/5

Top Gear also gave it the nod “I’m just glad the MX-5 exists. The world deserves a small roadster as good as this. It brightens things up, and we all need a bit of that in our lives.” So great year all round for Mazda winning car of the year in Japan and multiple awards at the SCOTYS.

To top it off the Mx-5 has been shortlisted for the European Car of the Year Award in 2016! MX5 City have also had a big year with the launch of our new website and our weekly #WORKSHOPWEDNESDAY blog where you can see we are all about the MX-5 if you have not already sussed it out by our company name!

We have given you access all areas with tips and a good reviews of what it takes to look after your beloved roadster.

In the New Year we are going to be introducing all new products and discounts!

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