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3rd December 2015

This week Richard fits a new clutch into a customer's lovely 1.8 Mk1 Eunos and we solve an intermittent engine running fault mystery on a Mk2.

Richard can fit clutches without even looking!

We had a good head scratcher this week - A customer called in with an intermittent running fault on his Mk2. We hate these type of faults as the car always runs perfectly when it's in the shop, so where do you start to look?

Well we checked the usual suspects (plugs, leads, coil-pack, etc.) but the car was running fine, so how do you know when it's fixed? Simple. Let the customer take it away and you can bet as soon as he gets home it will stop working again! Luckily, he only lives up the road, so back it came. More checks and head-scratching, until Richard spotted a tiny break in the wiring for the crank sensor. Closer examination revealed that the wire had come loose and was rubbing against the water pump pulley. It was down to just one strand and was shorting out through the pulley, causing the intermittent running fault. Five minutes with the soldering iron and insulating tape and it was good as new. The car's running smooth as silk again. A satisfying result all round!

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