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Road Angel Halo Pro

Road Angel front and rear dashcam to give you security and peace of mind while driving. Ensure you won't get stung by fraudulent insurance claims or your own insurance not paying out!


  • Twin HD cameras for front and rear footage
  • Built-in GPS, G-Sensor and high precision GPS module
  • 6-class glass lens and 1 infrared filter with zero distortion
  • Front cam - 140°wide angle. Rear cam - 120°wide angle
  • New generation GPS system

Technical Spec:

Image Processor

The main chip supports WDR technology – adapts to the brightest and darkest scenarios.

Scenario adaptation

Adapts to day, night, snow, rain, backlight etc.

Digital image stabilization

Prevents fuzzy images when your car shakes.

3D Denoising

Produces sharp images even in low light.

LDC geometric correction

Removes fisheye effects and barrel-shaped distortion.


Prevent fuzzy images in foggy weather.

Image adjusting

Changeable image quality (2560×1440@25fps, 1920×1080@fps, 1280×720@fps) by adjusting via App. Unchanged image resolution (2590×1520).

Photo options

App supports multiple filters.

Social network

App connects to social networks.

Easy editing

App supports automatic editing.

Photo sharing

Photos, videos, and self-driving stories sharing; APP supports multiple social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

Voice Input

High sensitivity microphone.

Voice Output

High power loudspeaker (1w).

Power Input


Remote controller

2.4GHz wireless remote control. LED light indicator. Low power consumption.

Dual Charger

USB charger (Front cam 12V@1A / 12V@2.1A. Rear cam5V@1A / 5V@2.1A).

3M Glue Holder

3M glue holder. Micro USB charge interface is on the holder. GPS module.

USB charging cable

3.5 meters USB charger cable. Standard Micro USB port.

Price: £166.66 exc. VAT
VAT: £33.33
Total £199.99 inc. VAT

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