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Welcome to the brand new re-launched MX5 City website!

Our new website was launched on 11th November 2015 and is packed with lots of new features to help you find the right product or service fast and make your browsing experience fun! Tell us what you think of the new look.

MX5 City is based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Since 2001 we have specialised exclusively in Mazda’s award winning MX-5 roadster. Our dedicated, enthusiastic staff are always available to give friendly expert advice on MX-5 car sales, servicing, repairs and restorations.
We also have an onsite and online parts and accessories shop with a huge range of new and used MX-5 parts. Click on "Parts" or "Cars" above for details.

Some of today's featured products:

Recent News & Reviews

KODO Design: The Most Anticipated Feature of the MX5 ND

We take a step back from the new highly-anticipated MX5 ND and look at the poll results we collected before the cars release, looking at the results we got for the most awaited feature of the stunning car. Has the car lived up to expectations? Did the most awaited attribute live up to your hopes? Find out more...

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​The best modifications for your Mazda MX-5

If you fancy making a few changes to your Mazda MX-5, there are plenty of modifications you can make on the car. This will obviously depend on how obvious you want the changes to be and how much you have to spend. We’ve put together a list of our favourite…
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History of the MX5 [Infographic]

The Mazda MX5 has been around for decades, winning multiple awards and single-handedly reviving the car market for two seat convertibles during the 90s. That's why we've compiled all the great Mazda MX5 generations in one infographic to spark a little nostalgia in our customers.Scroll down for a transcript if…
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