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Hood Drain Hole Cleaner

Keep the rust at bay with this drain hole cleaner!

It’s hard to believe it, but some of the older Mk1 MX-5s are now well over 30 years old! Over the last few years we have seen a steady increase in the number of badly corroded MX-5s, particularly older UK specification models which have been subjected to years of British winters and salty roads, but even the Japanese import models and newer Mk2’s and Mk2.5's and even Mk3s are also now suffering, especially if they have been in the UK for a while. The normal corrosion area is limited to the rear outer sill section and rear wheel arches. This is often due to the hood rain channel drain tubes becoming blocked, which in turn causes the collecting tray to overflow and allow water to run down into the sills instead of exiting through the drain tubes. If the small sill drain holes are also blocked (which they usually are) then the water will sit inside the sills and gradually corrode the sill from the inside outwards.

Amazingly most Mazda dealers never bothered to tell new owners about this very important bit of maintenance and the vast majority of MX-5 owners are completely unaware that the drain holes even exist, which is why so many cars have rusted away in the rear sill and wheel-arch area.

Probably the single best investment you can make towards maintaining your MX-5!

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